Songs of Love That I Hate

by Jaron Eldon

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    Thanks for being interested in this thing. It's so bad. I hope you enjoy it!




Five track EP with very early songs about love. Five bonus tracks with alternate versions of songs.


released December 23, 2008

That Jaron Guy: Most crap
Jaron's Dad: Reverse Piano
Zachariah Rothert: Loops, Feedback, Inspector Gadgets



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Track Name: Letter to Myself? (Three Visions of One Man)
A broken old man
Sits alone in his chair
His heart is empty
And his family doesn't care

Life could be as lonely as his
He's worked all his life
And he never sees his kids

A taxi cab man
Doesn't know how to fare
He stops at a green light
Any time he's there

Life could be as hard as his
He works all day long
And he never sees his kids

A silly music man
Doesn't know how to write
He steals all his words
From the moments of his life

He doesn't care much for his guitar strings
He doesn't like his lyrics
And he hates the way he sings
Woo hoo

And I am waiting
For love to find me
But I stop at these green lights
And my heart is empty

Maybe you could turn things around
We could run away
And leave this dying town
Track Name: A Good Day to Fly
Oh, the birds flew on toward the mainland
And the boy was holding a green balloon in his hand
He wants to reach the sky
He tells me his reason why:

Is a good day
To fly"

Oh, the trees were swaying like an ocean
And the girl was trying so hard to hide her emotion
She wants to climb so high
She tells me her reason why:

Is a good day
To fly"

God, it was the first time I'd seen your face in years
And I know I've made mistakes, I know that much is clear
But if you come back to me I'll try
I'll give you my reason why:

Is a good day
To fly"

"Today could be a good day
For us to fly"
Track Name: We Could Stay
Well maybe we
Could stay for a while
Talk for a while

The clock on the wall
Is a little bit slow
I don't want to go

And the booth that we're in
We've been here before
We'll be back again

All of this
Is true
While I'm looking at you

The grains of sugar
On the table look a little like snow

The tea in our cups
Has left a stain, and it's getting low

But I don't want to go
I don't want to go

It feels like we've known each other for years
Let's just stay right here
Track Name: The End Song
Could we have a home together?
And paint it blue

Could we maybe live forever?
Me and you

The days we'd spend
Would never end
We'll stay up all night
And begin again

If we had an ocean
We'd break the waves
If we had our own sun
We'd swallow it's rays

Or take a walk by the shore
We've never been there before
And build a castle in the sand

If you were a canyon
I'd probably fall in
If I was a mountain
You would be the wind

Or we could be a valley
A green, green valley by the sea
Next to our castle in the sand

I wish that you could love me
And turn the world over
I wish we could be happy
But for you there is another

We could have a home together
With a red front door
That is where we'd live forever
By the sea shore
Track Name: To Fall in Love Again
Telephone lines
Cellos thrown lying
I am trying
To fall in love again

Throwing caution
Incense nausea
I am wanting
To fall in love again

Turpentine pills
Kitchen window sill
I would kill
To fall in love again

Something's changing
The earth's pervading
I am waiting
To fall in love again

Throw these letters
She's so clever
I could never
Fall in love again